Diwali Stony Brook


Diwali Stony Brook was started back in 2008 by a small group of volunteers looking to bring the cultrual traditions of India to our vibrant community.

What started out as a small gathering for friends and family, has blossomed into the largest Diwali Cultural show in Suffolk County, NY.  Each year we have over 100 children participate in various performances including classiscal, bollywood, and bhangra dances.  The 2014 show had over 450 people in attendance and 120 children performing.

What  you get at the show

Simply put, you have children put on amazing performances and add to that, full vegetarian snacks and dinner, free Henna tattoos from our sponsors, and time to mingle with  old and new friends.

Be Part of our show - Volunteer

Putting on a show like this requires a lot of planning and help.  But it can not succeed with the help of volunteers during the show. Any bit helps, so please drop us an email and let us know that you can help out.


While the volunteers help us at the show, the sponsors help us get to the show !

Sponsor money is used exclusively for the show.  This money helps fund the gifts for the kids, trophies, DVD recording/duplication, event location costs, and much more.

Any bit helps out, let us know if you would  like to help out.



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