Ticket Info 

Ticket Pricing

Adult ( 14+ ) $23 Child: (4-13 ) $20  All performers are required  to purchase  tickets.

 No tickets will be sold at the venue...Tickets will go on sale soon.
If you are a PERFORMING family member, please email us ASAP to ensure you are able to purchase a ticket.

Rules and Regulations

  1. All  attendees are required to purchase a ticket ( yes. that includes the organizers too ! )

  2. Ticket refund  will only be granted up to  3 weeks before the show.

Important information for the show

  1. Please arrive by 2:15 for ample time to enjoy  snacks and friendly conversation (unless you are performing, in that case arrive by 2:00 )
  2. Absolutely no food or drinks in the Auditorium

  3. No flash photography in the Auditorium.